"The Sky Is the Limit, Space Is The Place."

 Growing up I was a husky kid, and I often couldn't fit or find clothes that were name brand. But I could always fit in a dope pair of sneakers, but like most kids
my parents could not afford very many kicks.
So I day dreamed with a piece of paper and a

I spent most of my childhood and adolescence idolizing rappers and athletes. Naturally I took to fashion and fashion trends highly. Both of those worlds helped me to mold and develop my creative outlet. I constantly keep a mental catalog of previous styles, so I can avoid replicating, and increase

15 years of self taught, self driven passion, hunger, and experience. Teaching myself how to draw, color,
and use advanced computer software
such as photoshop to push my design
beyond limits.

My goal as a designer is to see past the norm, to see beyond the current needs and demands of the consumer. I want to create ideas that inspire others to think outside of their comfort zone and instead reach new peaks and plateaus 
never seen before.